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    ITCL is Saudi Arabian Holding company that has an international presence and operating in different sectors

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    We bring over two decades of combined experience in the telecoms

    and software industries, helping our clients to ensure best services and products by delivering on time and with a highest quality. We operate globally our HQ is based in Riyadh – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offering development services to clients across the world.

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    We work to some key principles to ensure the work we deliver is to the highest quality and always meets client expectations.

We offer world-class consultancy and un-matched support. Try us.


of our investments
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IT solutions

Asset finance

Intelligent Technology Solutions A state of the art technology solutions to small, medium and large businesses. Management of enterprise mobility, IT Strategy, Architecture and design, IT operations management, business applications solutions, Internet portals, Web Hosting, Web Design … Technology is important for any business. We can help you get added value from technology and technology investments. Helping clients achieve SMART (specific, measurable, assignable, realistic, Time-Based). From technology strategies, we can improve processes, provide intelligent solutions, applications, management of operational projects.

Educational investments

Asset finance

Tadrees Education is one of the most powerful instruments for reducing poverty, inequality and growing economies. Nowadays, to make a research and advance their knowledge, individuals look for resources on the Internet. Tadrees is a multilingual, Multi Cultural and Multi disciplinary eLearning platform offering FREE Knowledge, Learning and Sharing to people all over the word, all ages included. No matter where you are, who you are, you can easily learn whatever you want at NO COST. The platform is in 9 languages: English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Hindi, Turkish, Bosnian, Chinese and Slovenian. Other languages are scheduled to be added in the near future. The platform offers content in form of Structured Courses made of units and lessons, plus Assessments.

We can help

Asset finance

Basic necessities are not a privilege to millions around us. Many individuals and organizations wish to help such people but often it is hard to find people who actually needs the help. Mouhtaj comes to the rescue for all such people who care to share. It is a FREE online platform that helps donors to find the needy people for donations. With volunteers and partners, Mouhtaj deploys resources in Saudi Arabia and many other countries to achieve missions of improved health access and satisfying basic needs such as food, education and more of underprivileged people. The platform is easy to use: beneficiaries can register by providing basic personal information and describing the need they have.


Simply being honest is a key principle of our entire business, but none more so than with our clients. We never over promise, our intention is for you to have the best solution possible, even if that means re-engineering your idea to help you get the best possible outcome.

Dare to be different

With so many companies operating in same sectors all around the world, we know you need us to create unique experiences for you and your customers. We listen to your requirements and suggest ways to deliver that you may haven’t even thought of previously. We love to stand out from the crowd!

Keep supporting

Producing and delivering your solution is just half the story. Once we have finished the project, we don’t just walk away, we work with you on a long- term basis allowing our relationship to develop over a long period of time and keep your solutions growing and up to date. Technology moves fast, which means your business and the solutions we build for you need to move too, we are there to help you do that.

We Provide

We Design

All kind of digital marketing solutions are provided to you with:
ROI Based digital marketing
Advanced segmentation
Careful media pick for best results

We Build

ITCL can help you implement, customize, and improve your intelligence solutions by setting theories, methodologies, processes, architectures and technologies that transform raw data into relevant and useful information for commercial purposes.

We are You

We approach to a client with knowledge, experience and understanding. With strategic approach we set structured campaigns and organized communication. Only with such planning we make client happy.

We Create

We help our customers promote their businesses through all available mobile channels and this includes mobile friendly websites and the various mobile markets (Google Play, Apple iTunes, Amazon App Store and Windows Mobile Market).

We Inspire

« Better life for individuals », from this perspective, we have established some systems and platforms that allow people to have a better life.

We are online

We consult with our customers to build effective organizations, innovate and grow, reduce costs, manage risk, regulation and influence.

We Listen

  • Focus on the relationship.
  • Define clearly the roles.
  • Visualize success.
  • We suggest, the client decides.

We Delegate

ITCL-Holdinh offers you the option to completely outsource your implementation, support and maintenance – whether it’s your home market or for anywhere in the world.

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